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For whoever will save his life shall lose it, but whoever will lose his life for My sake, he shall save it (Luk 9:24, MKJV).

Alpine Baptist Church of Comstock Park, Michigan - Alpine Baptist Church is a Regular Baptist church that is Pastored by Doug Compton (Comstock Park is just outside Grand Rapids). The site includes a "Sage Page" that has "Pearls of Wisdom" from senior adults.

Grove Baptist Church of Belfast, Northern Ireland - A member of the Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland, this church is currently between Pastors. This site hosts a page of written sermons of many of Northern Ireland's Baptist Pastors, known as "Sermons from Ulster," and includes a tape ministry for a very low fee to cover shipping.

Knowlhurst Baptist Church of Stony Creek, New York - Knowlhurst Baptist Church is an Independent, Fundamental, Baptist church affiliated with the GARBC, and is Pastored by Rex Fullam III. There is a daily devotional and Bible quiz on the site, along with a well- written and fascinating story of the history of this 159 year old church.

Northside Baptist Church of Modesto, California - Northside Baptist church is an Independent Baptist church that is affiliated with the GARBC, and is Pastored by Dr. Dennis McCain. There is a variety of good tools and interesting information on this site, including devotionals, Bible study, and more.

Set Free Ministries, International - A non-denominational church planting organization with the motto "Transcending denominationalism to build the Kingdom of God."

Internet Church For Christ - We Are Friendly and Welcome All - We are a non-denominational church with a focus on transforming lives, healing hearts, and soul-winning. We offer Prayer, free online sermons, bible study, bible trivia, bibles and books, free ecards and much more.

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