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For whoever will save his life shall lose it, but whoever will lose his life for My sake, he shall save it (Luk 9:24, MKJV).

Google - Fascinating site that includes a review of many Holy Land sites, including photos and other information.

Bowers Auto Sales - Located in the Mounds / Glenpool, Oklahoma area, the owner of this business is the President of the local Gideon camp and a respected member of his church as well as being a friend of the admin of this site. He stands behind what he sells.

Bible Covers, Tote Bags, Bible Accessories - We offer many styles and sizes of Bible covers to protect your Bible. We also sell Christian tote bags, teacher totes and Bible accessories.

Brother Bell - is a site that asks the question "Jesus is coming soon! are you ready?"

WorshipToonz - Many of the songs of Dan Gardner (My Life Is In You), a new worship list posted each week, Worship Packages, a WebRing of Christian music sites. T.R. Smith album, Persuaded.

The Life, death, and LIFE in Australia by Dave Simpson - The admin of this site would really like to recommend that you visit this site and read Dave's testimony, and check out the other resources he has here. You will be touched at how God has worked in his life.

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