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For whoever will save his life shall lose it, but whoever will lose his life for My sake, he shall save it (Luk 9:24, MKJV).

Bible - The purpose of this site is to give a basic overview of the hundreds of English translations of God's Word. On each page you'll find alternate names for each translation, sample verses from the translation, the date of publication, who did the translation (if available), downloads of the translations in multiple formats (if available), texts used, links to further information on the translation, and more.

e-sword - Absolutely the best tool we have on our computer to do Biblical research, and it's absolutely free! It includes dozens of translations of the Bible, along with Biblical dictionaries and more.

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry - A site devoted to apologetics, information on cults, and much, much more. One of our favorites.

Christian - An amazing amount of resources for the Christian, including apologetics and witnessing helps.

Bible Gateway - A good Biblical research source, including research material you can add to your site.

Bible Contradictions Answered - This site has answers to 143 seeming contradictions in the Bible (there really aren't any). A great resource for Christians everywhere.

People of Faith - Description: Offering resources for successful Christian living including features on movies, music, parenting, faith, bible study, devotions, and more.

Christian Reference Links

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